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Foshan Nanhai Anmao Textile Co., Ltd.


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Welcome to Anmao Textile

Anmao Textile, manufacturer of Woollen/ Semi-worsted yarn and carpet since 2003, located in Guangdong, China, near Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. We have owed three subsidiaries right now, including one carpet yarn factory, one carpet backing factory and one dyeing house.

Spinning of wool and wool mixture
Weaving of Primary and Secondary Backing
All for Hand Tufting and Machine Tufting Carpet
With more than 15 years of wool yarn spinning and carpet backing weaving experience, we manufacture and market top-quality materials for the carpet industry worldwide, especially for the Hand Tufting, Robot Tufting, Axminster and Printing Carpet.


Carpet Yarns and Dyeing

Yarn Spinning Systems

Raw Materials

Count Ranges

End Use

▶Woollen Carded

▶New Zealand Wool

▶Woollen [From 1.8 to 6.0 Nm]

▶Axminster Carpet

▶Robot Tufting Carpet

▶ Hand tufting Carpe

▶Printing Carpet

▶Wilton Carpet

▶British Wool

[From 160 to 600 Tex]

▶Blends (NZ/UK Wool blended with Nylon or Polyester )

[From 55 to 190 Dewsbury]




▶Semi-worsted [From 1.0 to 16.0 Nm]


[From 62.5 to 1000 Tex]

▶Nylon66, Nylon6

[From 31 to 496 Dewsbury]

Yarn Variants


Final Package


▶Single, Plied

▶Raw White Yarn on Hanks or Cones

▶On Hanks/ Cross Wound Manually

▶500 Tons/ Month


▶Dyed Yarn on Hanks or Cones

Weights: 0.5 – 4 kg


▶Natural Setting

Circumference: 1.6 – 2.15 m

▶Hard Twist

▶Superba Setting

▶On Cones /Cylinder

Dyed Product Range and Standard


Hank Dyeing – 100 % Wool-Wool / Nylon Blends- Natural & Man-made fiber yarns (From 2kgs to 1500kgs)


Fiber/ Stock Dyeing - Dyeing, Bleaching-Washing of all Natural and Man-Made fibers (From 1000kgs to 10000kgs)


Quality Standard:

▶SUPERBA Heat Setting

*Color Fastness to light—4 Grade


*Color Fastness to water—4 Grade


*Color Fastness for dry rubbing—4 Grade


Hand Tufted and Machine Made Carpet Backing

Carpet Backing

Raw Materials

Yarn Count and Weight


Regular Width

▶Primary Carpet Backing

▶65% Polyester/35% Cotton

▶12S/3 - 320g/sqm, 340g/sqm

26x26 /2 sq.in

4.2m, 6.2m, 9.2m, 10.9m, 12.7m

▶10S/2 - 260g/sqm

26x26 /2 sq.in

2.65m, 2.85m, 4.2m, 6.2m, 9.2m, 10.9m, 12.7m

▶100% Cotton
▶65% Polyester/35% Cotton

▶12S/3 - 340g/sqm

28x28 /2 sq.in


▶Secondary Carpet Backing

▶65% Polyester/35% Cotton(Recycled Material)

▶6 grey warp X7 white weft - 200g/sqm

27*26/2 sq.in

1.7m, 2.1m, 2.5m, 2.65m, 3.2m, 4.2m

▶100% Cotton

▶10S/2 - 55g/sqm

13x13/2 sq.in

2m, 3m

▶100% Polyester

▶10S/2 - 50g/sqm

13x13/2 sq.in

2m, 3m

Final Package

Joint numbers


End Use

▶Package-Two layers of PP bag/ fabric folded inside
▶Rolls-Two layers of PP bag/Fabric rolled with paper tube

▶< 9.2m, 0 Joint
▶>/=9.2m, 1 Joint

▶400,000.00 sqm/ Month

▶Robot Tufting Carpet
▶ Hand tufting Carpe
▶Machine Tufted Carpet

Leading carpet yarn and backing manufacturer in China. The production of carpet yarn and backing for carpet and rugs have been Anmao's core business since the company was founded. Today, the factory is the leading manufacturer in China and the largest player in the material supplying sector of Hand Tufted Carpet manufacturers.

Product innovation and collaboration with customers Our Team always works closely with the customers so that we can provide the solutions quickly in order to meet individual production, commercial and marketing requirements. Most of our products are produced internally and the entire collection is reviewed regularly to ensure the customer’s needs are met and provide the most up-to-date trends in the industry.

You can rely on our experienced sales team. Their knowledge will serve you the idea yarn and carpet backing solutions as well as a satisfying working relationship, wherever you are in the world. Exporting over 50% of our yarn and carpet backing canvas, we produce and deliver 50,000 Kgs per week of carpet yarn and 100,000.00 sqm per week of carpet backing to our China and international customers.

  • -Production plant and warehouse cover an area of 19,000 sqm.

  • -5 integrated production lines for woollen/ Semi-worsted yarn, 60 sets machines with varied widths for carpet backing.

  • -Monthly production capability of 200 tons yarn and 400,000.00 sqm backing canvas.About 268 in house production workers.

More than 16 countries ...
Our products are preferred all over the world, we are exporting to more than 16 countries. With our monthly production capacity of 200 tons yarn and 400,000.00 sqm carpet backing, we succeed to be at the top 5 list of yarn and backing export manufacturer in our industry of China.

Company Profile
Company Name: Foshan Nanhai Anmao Textile Co., Ltd. Type of company: Enterprise Units ()
Place of Origin: Guangdong Company Size:
Registered Capital: Not filled Year of Registration: 2002
Data certification:        Enterprise data through authenticate